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The story of the Ginza-Boule game, by its designer Marcel McDermott.

The origin of Ginza-Boule has happened by accident, out of the blue. It all began while I was the owner of a resto-bar in St-Hyacinthe (QC), named Ginza. (That name came from a Tokyo neighborhood that had impressed me while visiting).

After a few years running the resto-bar, it did not turn out to be the expected success, so I decided to change the vocation of a part of the restaurant in a disco-bar. Around 8h30, we adjust the music volume and the lighting, and everything looked good, except for the salad bar lying there in the middle of the place! So, I came up with the idea of designing a big board game to cover the salad bar at night, and instantly clients have adopted this new fun game, at a point that I decided to market it.

The more you play, the better you’ll get!

Marcel McDermott D.I.A.A.

Marcel McDermott - Ginza-Boule
Ginza-Boule mini et table